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Zoom teeth whitening in Frisco

There’s never been an easier way to have a younger-looking smile than to whiten your teeth with our Frisco dentist. Philips Zoom! professional teeth whitening is clinically proven to whiten up to eight shades in just 45 minutes, reversing stains from food and drinks, aging, even discoloration from some types of medication! Thanks to the light-activated technology, you can see dramatic, instant results in less time than your lunch break and you’ll leave our chair with an instantly brighter, more confident smile.

How it works:
  1. Your treatment starts with our dentist checking your current shade, so you can both see the dramatic difference after your treatment is complete.
  2. We prep your mouth for whitening and apply a layer of advanced whitening gel to your teeth.
  3. To speed up the whitening process, we’ll shine our WhiteSpeed blue LED lamp onto your teeth. This accelerates the whitening, plus the lamp’s variable settings ensure you’ll get a comfortable experience.
  4. This is repeated three times – and is completed in just 45 minutes!
  5. Once you’ve reached your desired shade, we will apply our post-treatment gel to help protect enamel and reduce sensitivity.
  6. Before you leave West Frisco Dental and Implants office you’ll receive customized whitening trays and a take home whitening kit, which is included in the price of your treatment. This way, you can top-up the brightness of your smile whenever you want to!
Is teeth whitening safe?2020-11-19T04:50:05+00:00

Yes, teeth whitening is safe if you follow each product’s guidelines carefully. Some whitening products can irritate gums, or leave you with sensitive teeth, so it’s recommended that you speak with a dental professional if you want to brighten your smile.

Who Should Whiten Their Teeth?2020-11-19T04:49:48+00:00

Before providing any teeth whitening in Frisco, we want to make sure our patients have healthy teeth and gums. The presence of gum disease or tooth decay could cause irritation during the process. However, in some cases, we may recommend whitening your teeth before getting a new crown, veneer, or bonding. That way everything blends together smoothly. It’s the perfect add on to any smile makeover!

How long do results last?2020-11-19T04:51:19+00:00

Our whitening treatments are formulated to give you long-lasting results, but the results will vary as lifestyle choices, such as drinking drinks that stain teeth, will make them yellow again over time.

How can I maintain my white smile after my treatment?2020-11-19T04:51:53+00:00

Our dentist will give you care advice before and after your treatment. You can maintain your whiter smile with one of whitening electric toothbrushes, such as Philips Sonicare DiamondClean. There’s also the option to maintain your whiter smile with a Philips Zoom take home whitening kit.

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