Laser Treatments for Gum Disease in Frisco

If you’ve been battling gum disease or your dentist has told you that you need to see a periodontist (gum disease specialist,) then you owe it to yourself to explore the minimally-invasive option of LANAP: Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure for periodontal treatment.

Performed without a scalpel and sutures, LANAP™ creates an environment for regeneration of the tissues around your teeth (gum, bone, cementum, ligament) that are lost due to periodontal disease.

How it works

The laser therapy works by targeting only diseased gum, which it discerns by the color. Diseased gums are darker than healthy gums. The laser is then used to agitate the healthy tissue, encouraging it to reattach to the bone. Because of the regrowth of this connective tissue, there is also a much lower chance of gum disease returning than with traditional surgery.

The laser also:

  • Eliminates infectious bacteria from gum pockets around the teeth
  • Halts bone loss and tissue detachment
  • Helps prevent tooth loss

Due to the ability of the laser to target and remove only diseased tissue, our periodontist, Dr. Natalia Ovcharenko is able to help restore you to health with no post-operative pain and much faster healing than traditional surgery.

Your Laser Gum Treatment

What should you expect when you’re having LANAP in our Frisco dentist office? Like a conventional treatment, we’ll deep clean the areas under the gumlines to lift away calcified deposits. Afterward, we use the LANAP laser systematically around each infected tooth to sterilize that area and eliminate any remaining pathogens. It’s less invasive than a traditional surgery, however, you can even opt for one of our convenient sedation options if you want a bit of help when it comes to relaxing.

West Frisco Dental And Implants uses LANAP to help you avoid the need for periodontal or flap surgery when gum disease gets out of hand. Now you can experience a healthier smile in a comfortable manner without all the extra appointments or healing time. Dr. Natalia Ovcharenko is a Board Certified Periodontist, as such, she’s a specialist when it comes to helping our patients combat and beat gum disease.

Find out if this laser treatment is right for your smile. If you’ve been told that you needed gum surgery, call our LANAP dentist in Frisco to schedule a consultation.

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