Relax Through Your Next Dental Visit

It’s not uncommon for adults or children to feel nervous about going to the dentist. Unfortunately, it also causes many people to put their treatment off until they are in pain. Thanks to extensive training, our sedation dentist in Frisco can make your visit a comfortable one.

Why Choose Our West Frisco Sedation Dentist?

There’s nothing embarrassing about being able to relax or nap through your next filling or implant procedure. In fact, it’s easier for everyone! Making sure you’re extremely comfortable is important to us, and allows us to work more efficiently.

Only licensed sedation dentists can administer this high-level service in their practice. It’s a safe, convenient, and simple way to catch up on all your necessary dental treatment in as few visits as possible! That means less time off of work and school.

First Things First

Before deciding on which type of sedation is right for you, our West Frisco dentist will thoroughly review your medical history, any medications that you’re taking, and find out what it is you’re expecting out of your procedure. In certain cases, we may even need to discuss your care with your primary physician.

Depending on your background, some types of sedation dentistry may be more appropriate than others. Some examples include nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation (sleep dentistry, or “twilight” sedation).

If you’re considering dental sedation in Frisco, it’s time to call our family dentist. Whether you need a tooth pulled, dental implants, or just feel nervous about getting your teeth cleaned…we can help you enjoy your experience with us.

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