A new smile starts with optimal oral health. Our dentists in Frisco offer comprehensive restorative, therapeutic, and dental implant services to help you achieve the best dental health possible. Whether it’s replacing your missing teeth or erasing the signs of gum disease, your full mouth rehabilitation plan is tailored to meet your unique individual needs.

What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Frisco?

Full mouth rehabilitation (FMR) is the term used when we need to restore the overall health and function of a person’s smile. It generally includes various phases of therapies or more complex procedures, thanks to the aid of convenient services like sedation dentistry.

The treatment plan is tailored to meet both the long-term goals and financial needs of our individual patients. As such, West Frisco full mouth rehabilitation varies greatly from one person to the next. Phases may involve options like implants, dentures, bridges, or more. As part of your consultation, we will review your plan and prioritize which phases of therapy are most important.

Close Collaboration With Dental Experts

Our team partnership between a surgical specialist and a highly-skilled cosmetic dentist in Frisco means that you can complete all your treatments right here in our office. There is usually no need to refer you back and forth between other practices in town. We wouldn’t want that for our own family members…why should you be any different?

If you’re thinking about getting a second opinion on a full mouth rehabilitation in Frisco, give us a call today. We’re happy to see new patients and discuss your options with you. A brand-new smile could be all you need to feel confident again!