Gum Grafting Frisco, TX

West Frisco Soft Tissue Gingival Therapy

Are “long” teeth or receding gums making your teeth feel sensitive or jeopardizing the health of your smile? Gum grafting in Frisco can help you tackle aesthetic challenges caused by exposed roots. Dr. Natalia Ovcharenko is a Board Certified Periodontist, providing you with the very best soft tissue therapies and treatments in town.

Why You Should Consider a Graft

Your uneven gumlines could be caused by something as simple as brushing your teeth too hard! We’ll help you find the cause, manage it, and then repair the damage caused to your smile.

At West Frisco Dental And Implants, our dentists provide soft tissue gingival therapy to individuals whose gumlines no longer cover the teeth adequately. Without this procedure, your teeth are far more susceptible to:

  • Root surface cavities
  • Discoloration
  • Sensitivity to everyday foods and beverages
  • Advanced wear
  • Tooth loss
  • Unsightly cosmetic concerns (such as uneven teeth)

Your Tissue Grafting Procedure

When you visit West Frisco Dental And Implants, your soft tissue graft is performed in a gentle and minimally invasive nature. While some gum grafts can be quite uncomfortable and include stitches, we aim to provide a simplified process with very little discomfort.

After having tissues shaped around your tooth, take care to not traumatize them with a stiff toothbrush or hard, crunchy foods. Once healing takes place, you can return to gently brushing this area the same as the rest of your mouth.

Erase Years from Your Smile

Being “long in the tooth” can make you look older than you really are. In just a single appointment, our West Frisco gum grafting can complement both the health and beauty of your natural teeth. It’s also the perfect option for someone who is considering getting dental implants or a smile makeover.

Find out if our gentle gum surgeries can help. Contact our dentist in Frisco today to schedule a complimentary consultation.