Dental Veneers Frisco, TX


Frisco Smile Makeovers

Do you have dull, discolored, or uneven looking teeth? Our dental veneers in Frisco are the perfect aesthetic solution! This cosmetic dental treatment hides minor to moderate flaws you your smile by masking them with beautifully shaped, custom shells of porcelain.

The Treatment Experience

First, our Frisco dentist will find out what aspects of your smile you want to change (as well as the ones you want to keep.) Then, we’ll talk about your ideal tooth size, shape, and color preferences. In many cases, we also recommend cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening or dental bonding in combination with your veneer procedures.

Next, we’ll arrange for you to come back and have your teeth prepped for your cosmetic restorations. You’ll be completely numb and comfortable. Sedation options are also available. After your teeth are ready, we take an impression that is sent off to our lab, and apply temporary veneers as placeholders.

In due course your permanent veneers will be ready to bond into place. As soon as you complete your West Frisco dental veneer process, you’ll have a dazzling new smile from one side to the other. Depending on how wide your smile is, we may recommend anywhere from six to eight veneers on the upper, or upper and lower arches.

Cost of Veneers in Frisco

Investing in a new smile can give you the confidence you need to score a job interview or pop back into the dating scene. Our cosmetic treatments are competitively priced, with flexible payment plans available. Call today to schedule a no-commitment consultation.