Dental Savings Plan Frisco, TX

West Frisco Dental’s Membership Club™

Are you looking for an alternative to expensive dental insurance plans? West Frisco Dental offers an affordable in-house savings plan so you can skip the middle man and access quality dental care that you deserve and can afford.

How Does it Work?

By enrolling in the West Frisco Dental Membership Club™, your membership includes:

  • 2 cleanings, exams, and necessary x-rays per year
  • Up to 2 emergency exams per year
  • An extra 15% off all additional dental treatment
  • No waiting periods or pre-existing clauses
  • No maximums or deductibles

For an extra $16/month, periodontal patients receive up to 2 additional perio maintenance cleanings (a total of 4 perio appointments per year) to keep gum disease at bay.

Pricing and Details

Did you know that while insurance premiums go up, the maximum allowable benefits have remained the same for over 30 years? It’s no wonder why our West Frisco Dental Membership Club™ is so popular for our patients without dental insurance. Our plan can save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Individuals: $29/mo.
Two family members in the same household: $49/mo.
Families: $99/mo for up to 4, plus $19/mo for additional family members in the same household.
Perio Plan: An extra $16/mo.

Every plan member gets 15% off of necessary dental work, whether routine or cosmetic! Even if your child needs braces or you’re considering veneers, the discount applies.

What’s the catch? Just book your checkup every six months. That way we can diagnose conditions early, when they’re easier and more affordable to treat!

Putting off your dental care due to lack of dental insurance coverage is one of the biggest reasons people can’t afford their trips to the dentist. Call our dentist in Frisco today for an affordable insurance alternative.